A chance path crossing with Jackie Kerin, present president of Story-telling Australia, Victoria, saw me accept an invitation to a local story event.  I loved hearing the folk tales, personal histories and whole cloth fabrications people brought to the hearth.  The people who enthralled me with their tales responded with gusto and encouragement to my own offering and I was hooked.
I joined SAV to learn more about the craft of story-telling, combining my public speaking experience and deep love of narrative in all its forms.  I attended several events to try new ideas for tales or to test new approaches to presenting tried and tested material.

My stories range from vignettes drawn from my research experiences and illustrating a particular scientific point, through science fiction imaginings examining what artifical intelligence might comprise and what it means to be human, to ripping yarns about professional gamblers experiencing the edge of the physically possible.

I look forward to developing tales drawing on my knowledge of Antarctic history and my love of Australia’s maritime and aviation heritage.  I’m also developing a podcast with professional story-teller, Kate Lawrence, to showcase the talent and to archive the tales brought to the hearth by SAV members.  We anticipate launching the first season of this new project in late November.

Story telling sessions are geared for classes up to thirty students and run for fifty minutes, but can be readily adapted on both fronts to fit the unique needs of atypical classrooms.

One session: $250
Two sessions: $475
Three sessions: $675
Four sessions: $850
Five sessions: $1000
Six sessions: $1000
(sixth session’s free)

All prices include GST