I started listening to podcasts in 2011. I looked for content about Antarctic history but  couldn’t find anything.
Someone put me on to the excellent “The History of Rome” podcast and I loved it.  Mike Duncan’s passion came through clear in every episode and I learnt a lot, getting through the series twice and following him to his next project, “Revolutions.”  When Mike mentioned he started podcasting because he went looking for a podcast about Rome but couldn’t find one, the seed of “Ice Coffee: the history of human activity in Antarctica” was sown.
Releasing monthly and recording on the audio conceit that I’m still in Antarctica and discussing history over my tea break between dives, “Ice Coffee” is currently my most satisfying hobby.
If you want to hear about people having bad times in cold places, “Ice Coffee” may be the podcast for you.
Some swearing.
References to bodily functions and cannibalism.

haglund at Barne halfway house copy c17 erebus bridging Gary reflects