Children are natural scientists.  They observe the world, form an idea of how it works and then test that idea.  Diver Matt’s incursions are geared to foster that curiosity and reinforce that science isn’t something we need to confine to the laboratory.  Engaging presentations drawing on a life spent applying the scientific method combine with practical exercises to show students science is a tool they can apply in their day to day lives and rich and exciting career path for anyone interested in the world around them.
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The ocean at the end of our street (Ages 6-18)


Image: Brendan Bench of B2B Photography

Diving with the kiwis among the penguins (All ages)


Whales and Plastics (Ages 8-18)


Image: Dave Donnelly under NSW scientific licence SL 100183

Geology = Habitats = Diversity (VCE)

Ecology after extinctions (VCE)

isopod icecapades


This is your brain on magic (Ages 6-12)


Lying with numbers (VCE)




These sessions are designed for classes up to thirty students and run for fifty minutes, but can be readily adapted on both fronts to fit the unique needs of atypical classrooms.

One session: $250
Two sessions: $475
Three sessions: $675
Four sessions: $850
Five sessions: $1000
Six sessions: $1000
(sixth session’s free)

All prices include GST

Phone: 0435 910 003

Free session for schools near Port Phillip
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