Drawing on twenty years experience at sea, in the lab and in the classroom, Diver Matt demonstrates how to make the scientific method part of  everyday life.  Diver Matt encourages students and teachers to ask and answer questions using methods and thinking that go beyond estimates and guesses.

Diver Matt is taking his experiences as a researcher and educator into Victorian schools, community groups and businesses.

Off-the-shelf incursions and professional development sessions are ready for immediate deployment.

Tailor-made sessions drawing on Diver Matt’s broad employment history, extensive travels and daily employment of scientific thinking and methods to solve the big and small mysteries of life, can be worked up to fit your needs at no extra charge.

Diver Matt is currently offering free presentations of Help Save Sam Seadragon to schools within twenty kilometers of Port Phillip shores.

Phone: 0435 910 003
Email: matt@divermatt.com.au


Working with children check 0400560A-01